FOR THOSE WHO don’t already know (there are a few billion of you) “0.5 the Sisters” is my autobiographical verse-fest into that starving artist, angry young Black man chic, dig? (No? Well, please try.) It’s a poetical history of my early 1990s days, fresh out of college and broke as a mufukka.

The first line reads, “Half the sisters in L.A. have given me gas money, what are they keeping going?” The rest of the nearly two megabytes of data try to answer this question. All I am hoping is that I do not force viewers to ask more questions like, “Why the nude photo? Why the Barry White imitation sounds? What is up with the spoon? Is this angry Black man chic or heroin chic?” I want you guys and gals to laugh and think! (Heh.)

WARNING: This presentation is not for children and other innocent forms of life.

NOTE: There are two things you may find annoying about the mechanics of this presentation: When you click on a button or arrow to move to the next scene it may appear that nothing happens. And the “Scene Loading...” screen may seem stuck in an “endless” loop. Both of these problems are due to the bandwidth demands of this project. This piece was not designed to be as bandwidth-friendly as my later work. Sorry. Please bear with me.


Written and Visualized by . . . . . . . Bryan Wilhite
Original Still Photography by . . . . . . . Darryl Allan Smith