The American Dream

©2003 Bryan D. Wilhite
The streets of L.A. are packed like a slave ship
but luxuriant is the stench of refined dinosaur shit.

Donner Party sports utility vehicles
abstract the cannibalism
but it’s the old Roman Piece
the ass-kicking feudalism:

How can I Romance my Valentine
without polluting the Earth?

How can I travel among the corporate castles
without fossil-fueled girth?

How can I bust the block like a sleek fire bomber?

How can I conceal the poverty of my peasant lumber stock?

I want to be obese and muscles like the most obscene Frankish Baron.

I want the favor and the burden of the most useless beautiful women.

The Earth itself is inferior to my cool, Western exterior.

We came to this free country so I can be King.

I can do any… thing.

The West id the best.

The West id the best.

Love it or leave it.
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