THE DATA introduced here contains a speech about the prison system as of 1997. This speech at Colorado College is presented by an informed and educated person on this particular subject. This person happens to be Angela Davis.

To introduce Angela Davis in this way is an attempt to remind a certain group of readers, who dismiss this person because of her aesthetic choices constructing her sexuality, that Angela Davis has considerable command over this subject and deserves respect for this work. Let this person do her part. Allow her to present this information. It is important information, almost overwhelmed by so much deception. The work of information gathering is often in places where the weak cannot seek comfort. On the contrary, it is a campaign that is not unlike warfare, demanding strength, discipline and growing wisdom.

This prison system is of a scale far beyond the gates, bars and violent criminal caricatures we can easily see. This is why Angela Davis calls it a “prison-industrial complex” that easily explains the current events in Haiti, Iraq and Afghanistan. The problem of finding cheap sources of labor and “free” natural resources for imperial exploitation without revealing the secret that slavery is not abolished has been solved. You, my “group of readers” take heed.

Not being aware of this final solution because the messenger does not meet your “approval,” plays right in the hands of your mental master. Your master needs homogeneity, predictability and toxic centralization. You can’t depend on Angela Davis to provide you with “everything”—and for me that includes a functional representation of African matriarchy. She doesn’t claim to be the Martha Stewart of political consciousness. Put her in your place of many voices, listen and continue on your journey of personal development.


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